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Typesetting is alive and well at Moveable. We not only create page layouts to designer specifications, we also refine designer-formatted pages through our innovative fine-tuning service.

We specialize in corporate communications, and have helped produce hundreds of annual reports, including those for major corporations like Bank of Montreal, Barrick Gold, BCE, Onex, Telus, Thomson Reuters, and many more.

At Moveable, formatting a page means much more than “pouring” keystrokes into a template. We consider that to be only the first step in building an accurate and visually appealing document. Once the keystrokes are in place, our typesetters adjust line breaks, minimize hyphenation, eliminate widows, check for proper alignment of elements in tables and ensure consistency of style throughout.

A team of proofreaders then meticulously examines the formatted pages to ensure the accuracy of our work (and along the way, flagging errors or inconsistencies in client copy).

Once the English version of a document is in good shape, we can use it as a template for creating versions in other languages. These versions are also fine-tuned, with particular attention to language-specific typesetting and word-break conventions.