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Moveable’s proofreading service has been called “bulletproof” by one client. Another has referred to it as “scary.” Our process includes a double-read of all pages, by two readers working independently. Once they complete their initial mark-ups, their observations are combined in a final mark-up for the client’s review. The reason for a double-read is simple: any proofreader, no matter how talented, can miss something, but it is unlikely that two skilled proofreaders will miss the same thing.

Our proofreaders look for much more than spelling mistakes. Their job is not only to catch errors, but also to make copyediting suggestions if they encounter poor grammar, awkward phrasing, or inconsistencies. Red marks indicate errors; green is used to make suggestions. On average, more than 80% of our suggestions are approved by the client. Our proofreaders also review the aesthetics of the typography, making suggestions pertaining to style consistency, poor line breaks, excessive hyphenation, awkward tracking or line spacing, and so on.

Our six-person proofreading team is an integral part of our typesetting service, carefully reviewing everything before it goes out the door. However, we also offer a “proofreading-only” service, whereby our clients submit either formatted documents or unformatted Word files for proofreading and copyediting. We employ the same rigorous double-read process, and then provide our final mark-up to the client to take it from there. We also provide proofreading and quality assurance prior to website launches.